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  Certificate of Competence
Upon submission of the confirmation that both the theoretical and practical examination entitling to perform the 11-14 week ultrasound scan have been successfully completed, issuance of the Certificate of Competence can be applied for at the office of the FMF-Germany. The award of the Certificate allows the receipt and use of the FMF risk assessment software. The Certificate is awarded personally and is not transferable.
Medical doctors who have not yet obtained certification, but work at a facility in which at least one doctor is certified, are also allowed to perform nuchal translucency measurements. However, the measurement data obtained by them must be reviewed by the certified examiner until these doctors have themselves obtained certification.
Following the award of the Certificate of Competence, the awardees name, postal address and e-mail address are registered on the website of the FMF-Germany. The awardee receives a Certificate with a registration number entitling him to receive a single-user version of the first-trimester software from a software company also certified by the FMF-Germany.
The Certificate of the FMF-Germany carries the FMF seal, embossed with the year of issue, and a DEGUM plate.
A. Fees charged for the issuance of a Certificate of Competence

Colleagues who have successfully completed both the theoretical and the practical examination and who have informed the FMF-Germany accordingly, will receive a Certificate of Competence with a DEGUM seal from the FMF-Germany. The applicant has to pay a fee of € 60.- .

If the theoretical and/or the practical examination has/have been completed abroad, certification may be granted against payment of an application fee in the amount of € 80.- . The price is inclusive of the Certificate of Competence, however, it does not include the NT book.
B. Fees charged for recertification

A fee of € 50.- per applicant is charged for the required annual recertification.