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Certification Process
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Laboratories are also eligible for certification via the FMF-Germany. All the pertinent details can be gleaned from the Declaration of Conformity for Laboratories. Its essential requirements reside in the laboratories´ confinement to the use of FMF-certified analytical systems, their participation in interlaboratory trials (UKNEQAS), and their disclosure of risk assessment to only those sonographers who have obtained certification from the FMF-Germany, whereby this risk assessment may be based solely on first-trimester biochemical screening or on both first-trimester screening and nuchal translucency measurement.

A responsible member of the laboratory must have attended a theoretical course.
Declaration of Conformity [50 KB]
Poster [116 KB]
Newspaper [307 KB]
Certification Process for Gynaecologists [158 KB]
Certification Process for Laboratories [213 KB]
Goals and Responsibilities [334 KB]
Charter [134 KB]
First-time certification: € 1,500.00
Recertification: € 0.50 per examination