Software: NEW - PRC 3.0

Test version
We are pleased to provide FMF-certified examiners with PRC3.0, just 2 years after the publication of the PRC2.0 program to calculate the risk of first-trimester chromosomal defects, taking into account sonographic and biochemical markers. PRC3.0 offers an improved risk calculation module and better functionality than the previous version.
Download RPC 3.0

Please note:

  • Only registered and certified members of FMF-Deutschland can download the
    program. Please have your registration number and the corresponding PID
    ready to register for the download.
  • The program itself can only be used for the risk calculation with a valid licence
  • Please strictly observe all the notes enclosed with the down load before
    attempting any program update or carrying out the initial installation.
  • In case you have any questions, please send an email to the audit department
    of FMF-Deutschland:

We wish you lots of success with the new PRC 3.0 risk calculation program of
FMF-Deutschland and continue to look forward to your constructive feedback.